About rompzz

rompzz is a love story.

I am originally from Toronto Canada, where I worked and taught in the fashion industry.  In 2014 I got married and moved to Brooklyn NY.  It was incredibly hard leaving my family & friends, my jobs, my city and my country that I love so dearly, yet it was an easy decision moving to be with the love of my life. 

Following my heart led me to follow my dreams.  I began making clothes for my nieces and nephew because I wanted them to remember how much I love them.  This re-sparked my love of sewing and design and rompzz was born.

Love brought me to Brooklyn.  Love is in every garment I design and make.  Love is what inspires me.  Love created rompzz.

rompzz is an edgy unisex clothing line for kids who can't hide their cool.  We believe in the importance of neutrality in designing garments that don’t conform to gender stereotyping.  rompzz allows kids to express their imagination without borders or divisions. 

We love designing with black, grey and white but our collections are limitless.  rompzz opens up the boundaries of unisex clothing to that of colours, prints and funky styles that both boys and girls are drawn to.

rompzz fabrics, designs and colours open up numerous options allowing pieces to be mixed and matched to create stylish outfits for kids ages 12 months to 5T (Sizes 6T+ are available for custom order).

rompzz, unisex streetwear for kids – be cool.